Wednesday, January 29, 2014

      This is my first blog, and I'm not even sure what the word means. If you say it softly, it could be the sound a marshmallow makes when it explodes. Or could it be the name of the first creature ever to pen such a post, some alien from Alpha Centauri? Heck, maybe it's just a typo. Supposed to be boog, I bet (the L and O are close together on the keyboard). Or possibly it's just Tweetspeak for black dog. 
     Anyway, I've been knocking around this writing business for too many years to count, collecting what surely is a record number of rejection slips along the way while irritating reviewers and perplexing readers, but with a modicum of success, so I thought perhaps I might be able to share some sordid experiences, foggy insights, and a few stolen tips with those of you who're trying to climb the same steep literary mountain.
     So let me know who you are out there. All two of you.
end of boog #1

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