Sunday, March 2, 2014

POIFOTI Disease*

          Sadly, this disease has reached epidemic proportions across our nation, infecting nearly everyone it touches, and now I fear I’ve come down with it myself.  (*Pass on everything I find on the internet disease.)

Check this out:
And how about this:
Thought you might find this interesting:

(Okay, stop it, Bowie.  Just stop it.)

          I wouldn’t mind the disease so much, but the more time folks spend reading all the stuff that gets e-mailed to them as pass-ons, the less time they have to read my books, and that affects me financially, emotionally, and social-status-wise.
          So, cut it out, will you please?  (Unless, of course, you might want to pass on a suggestion to buy one of my books.  All are available on


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