Monday, June 30, 2014

Don’t forget we have five (and maybe even six)
Whenever I catch a musky whiff of sweet red cedar, I’m instantly transported back over the decades to my early grade school years, when I had a treasured red-cedar pencil box, and the memory brings a smile to my soul.  
I can well remember as a boy climbing up to a shady fork in a green-apple tree with a salt shaker in my pocket, and savoring the pucker-tart taste and squirty crunch of those liberally-salted hard apples, knowing full well I’d likely pay for it later with a killer stomach ache.  
Who can forget the soft thrill of that first kiss?  

And can’t you still hear that favorite song of your high school years?  

Necessarily, most of our fiction writing is visual, but we have at least four other strong senses, and we can call on them all to infuse more power and emotion  into our writing.
Sometimes we can even employ that mythical, magical sixth.  Our protagonist need not always proceed using hard facts, logic, and reason.  She or he might occasionally rely on a hunch, or a gut feeling, or a premonition.  

Because occasionally don’t we all?


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