Monday, February 2, 2015

Tips from the mountaintop

             If we resolve to achieve success in our writing (especially in thrillers and suspense) during 2015, we can do no better than to heed the hard-earned wisdom of those who have summited the best-seller lists.     
Catherine Coulter has written an incredible 66 NY Times best-selling novels.  She shares excellent tips on how it can be done here:

During a ThrillerFest conference panel, four top gunsDavid Hewson, Lisa Gardner, John Sanford, and M.J. Roserevealed these seven writing sins:

Ann Rule certainly rules in the true crime genre.  Intense curiosity, a background on the fringes of law enforcementand a fortuitous (though dangerous) stint as a volunteer alongside then yet-to-be revealed and arrested serial killer Ted Bundy in a Seattle crisis clinictook her to the best-seller lists.  Good advice for wannabe true crime writers here:

Notice anything special?  All these web pages are from the same fount of writing information, the venerable Writers Digest organization.  They’re publishers of a respected magazine devoted to the craft, and of valuable annual guides like Writer’s Market, sponsors of excellent online writing classes and of prestigious writing contests.  They’re long-time staunch supporters of struggling writers everywhere.


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