Monday, March 2, 2015

Blogging into the void (2)

         As I’ve said, for much of my life I’ve written on speculation.  Cranking out articles, short stories, and in recent years novels, as a sideline to my regular bill-paying day jobs, and sending my work around the circuit hoping some of it would be accepted and even paid for, and much of it eventually has been, even by several top magazines and a traditional book publisher.  But it’s always been an inefficient, time-consuming, and often frustrating process, accumulating vastly more rejections than acceptances.  Yet I’m still at it today.  Still mostly on speculation.

          I began this weekly blog a year ago in the hope of helping a few talented but struggling writers out there, maybe saving them from many of the learning pains I’ve gone through over the decades.  It’s a way to pass on a little of the generous help and advice I’ve received from kind folks over the years.  And of course it’s also a way to promote my writings.

          But once again I’m working on sheer speculation, posting into the great void.

          If you’re enjoying this blog and maybe gleaning a few useful tips on writing from it, would you please take a minute and let others know about it?



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