Monday, August 10, 2015

Worn-out words

     Mental floss  magazine recently listed ten ancient words that have gone the way of the unfortunate Dodo:

Jangleress:  female jangler, someone who chatters or tells stories
Bake-meat:  a pie
Corrumpable:  corruptible
Bear:  a pillow
Yolden:  submissive
Bedaff:  to make a fool of
Dulcarnon:  at wit’s end
Fouldre:  a lightning bolt
Englute:  to close with glue
Scorkle:  to scorch

     Which brings to mind a lot of words that were around when I was young but that haven’t survived into this century.  A few:

Ankle-biter:  child (could apply to my cat, Havoc)
Clanked:  rejected (it sounds  like rejected)
Cooties:  imaginary multi-legged infesters
Cranked:  excellent
Deuce:  1932 Ford (a model once often hot-rodded)
Doozy:  something or somebody unique or outstanding
Flat-top:  short square-edged haircut
Flip-top:  convertible
Floozy:  a street walker; a somewhat less-offensive term was floogie
Floy-floy:  a venereal disease, as in a top hit song of the year I was born called “Flat Foot
                   Floogie with the Floy-Floy”
Flim-flam:  a con game (think Congress)
Frail:  broke (think taxpayer)
Gringles:  worries (it sounds  like worries)
New-fangled:  something new but not necessarily good for us (like cell phones)
Raunchy:  gross
Scooch or slodge:  a friend
Slurg:  milkshake
Spaz:  klutz
Tubesteak:  hot dog
Yoot:  kid (clipped youth)
Zorros:  jitters

     What words will they be perplexing lexicographers with a century from now?


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