Monday, March 21, 2016

Am I being evaluated?

     I’m in the process of attempting to renew my medical for my Merchant Mariner Master Captain’s License.  Knowing the process can take months, well in advance of the expiration date  I visited my general practitioner and my eye doctor, let them thump and stick and scan me, filled out the numerous exhaustive forms, and sent them in to the Merchant Marine Division of the United States Coast Guard under The Department of Homeland Security. 

     After three weeks, this is a verbatim excerpt from the e-mail I received: 

     Your Application has cleared the Medical screening and is ready to be evaluated by the Medical Evaluation Division, evaluation section.

     This is the sort of bureaucratic nonsense that grinds along like a great boulder-strewn glacier all across our fair land in almost more governmental departments and agencies than can be counted, and at high cost to us all.

     No wonder so many people are pissed.


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