Sunday, November 27, 2016

When donkeys climb trees

Donkeys in trees is the Georgian equivalent to pigs flying, as in: “When are you going to vote Democrat.”(Or Republican, depending on the person you’re questioning.)  And the reply you get is, “When pigs fly.”  Or sometimes, “When hell freezes over.”

Other equivalent expressions from around the world:

South Africa: When horses grow horns.
The Netherlands: When cows dance on ice.
Israel: When hair grows on the palm of my hand.
India: When crows fly upside down.
Latvia: When an owl’s tail blossoms.
Portugal: When it rains knives.
Turkey: When fish climb poplar trees.
Thailand: One afternoon in your reincarnation.
Russia: When crayfish whistle on the mountain.

And my favorite, from Germany: On St. Nevers Day.


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