Monday, April 3, 2017

Bookstore names

We writers have lamented the demise of several top bookstore chains across the country, but thank goodness independent bookstores are still alive and thriving everywhere.  I was scanning a list of those in the southeast and was struck by their many creative names.  A few:

Hooked on Books (FL)  Tomes for anglers?
Over the Moon Bookstore (VA)  They must sell only those high-dollar hardbacks.
Square Books (MS)  No rectangular volumes allowed.
Between the Lines (LA)  For those who like to figure it out for themselves.
My Sister’s Books (SC)  Apparently she sold off her parents’ library and now she’s working on
   her siblings’ collections.
Writer’s Block Bookstore (FL)  Not a lot of content here.
Fiction Addiction (SC)  That’s pretty much me.  Maybe they offer a twelve-step program?

I found several candidates for just plain cool names, like A Novel Experience (GA), Little Shop of Stories (GA), and Tall Tales (GA again).

But one of my favorites is simply Joe’s Place (SC)

I wish I could visit them all.


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