Monday, February 26, 2018


As intrepid Voyager One left the neighborhood of our star’s planetary system in February, 1990, it turned around and shot a last photo of earth, by then four billion miles away.  Carl Sagan called the photo “The Pale Blue Dot.”  It was only a pixel caught in a sunbeam.

Here’s another recent shot of our earth and our moon:

For me, this somehow puts all the British Royal Family’s pomp and glitter, and the perpetual petty partisan squabbles and corruption in Washington, and the nuclear posturing of North Korea’s Kim, and the egomania in Hollywood, and all my life’s insignificant concerns, in solemn perspective.

That small blue marble in this lonely photo is the only home we’ve got in the black vastness.

What will we make of it?

We writers can help as illuminators and guides.


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