Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Thoughts on the C Beast  

   The New York Times is saying only 125 people per million in the United States have been C tested as of this date (3/17). The U.S. has 330.5 million people, so 330.5 times 125 yields the total number tested, which is 41,312 to date. Of that number 4,400 have tested positive.

   This means 9.3% of people tested have contracted the virus. Extrapolate this to the whole population and you get 30.8 million people (9.3 percent of our population) who theoretically could be infected right now and we would not know it.

   Of course there are other factors that affect the real infection number, but based on this very rough extrapolated number, this thing could already be much worse than most people realize.

   My point is that the tested numbers tend to be believed by the public as the actual rate of spread, so people have not been concerned enough, which is exactly what happened in Italy before they finally took strict and adequate measures to limit the spread.

   Naomi found a study that appeared on the net stating samples of the C virus are compromised by elevated heat. If true, that's really encouraging, because the virus should wither with the coming of warm weather, especially if this summer is anything like the last. When I rode a motorcycle back from the Smoky mountains in the last week of May 2019 the temp was 96 F.

   On maps I’ve seen of diagnosed cases and locations, there is a conspicuous lack of cases in the southern hemisphere, where it’s still quite warm.  (Part of this could of course be due to minimal testing.) There is a low-temperature flu and colds season, and I understand the flu is a similar virus to the C beast, so why would it not be reasonable that there is also going to be a cool C virus season? And we’ll be getting flu and C vaccines in advance of the next season.

   I also think abundant oxygen can fight many diseases. In the spring, when trees and plants are all putting out leaves, they're creating abundant oxygen. When people open up their homes and offices to these warm oxygen-rich breezes, sicknesses miraculously seem to vanish. We're opening up our house every day at least for a while.

   And while many humans are practicing “social distancing,” Naomi and I are pretty much just trying to stay away from people.

   Please be cautious no matter your age so you’re neither a victim nor a carrier and be safe.


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