Monday, January 18, 2021

One Bizarre Year

    We all well know that 2020 was tragic and bizarre beyond any prior imagining of it, and for numerous reasons it will be recorded in history along with other infamously deadly, divisive, and disruptive periods.

 But this year has not only been utterly crazy worldwide, I swear it's been hard to believe even on a           personal level.

Things that have gone south during 2020 in my own small world:

The computer hard drive cooling fan began screaming at random times. Replaced it myself.
A floor lamp in my sun room suddenly broke for no reason. Repaired it.
The car battery failed, luckily in the driveway. Replaced it.
A neighbor backed over my mailbox by mistake. Replaced the post and box.
The toilet quit flushing. Replaced the inner mechanism.
Hurricane Isaias littered the yard with debris and downed tree limbs. A two-day laborious
   cleanup ensued.
The microwave failed. Replaced it myself.
The TV speaker began sounding like it had a cold. Replaced the whole TV.
I was mowing a sick neighbor's yard and hit a newly installed natural gas meter box which was
    two inches above grade and wasn’t visible because of tall grass. Replaced the two mower
    blades and the drive belt.
My utility trailer lights stopped working. Replaced the plywood bed and rewired the lights.
My electric hedge trimmer quit. Took it apart and fixed the wiring.
My string trimmer joined the revolt and quit. Replaced the whole damn thing.
The brake lights on my Spyder motorcycle failed. Replaced the switch.
The car wiper blades unraveled like spaghetti. Replaced them.
My wristwatch stopped as though it didn’t like keeping 2020 time. I had one in reserve.
The skylight above my office started leaking. Replaced it, not without some difficulty.
My credit card company failed to send me a bill and I had to placate all my autopay accounts
    when the card company, without notice, declined payments. I was a bit put out.

    I’m beginning to wonder if there was something in the air besides Covid. Considering the larger world, however, my problems were minor inconveniences, all fixable.

    The dire issues leftover from 2020 will take all of us working together to resolve. First, let’s kill the killer virus by masking up, distancing, and practicing good hygiene.

    We can do this, people.


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  1. You are quite handy to make all those repairs. We haven't had quit such a run on equipment repairs but it's been an eye-opening adventure in getting provisioned each time while staying safe and then deconning everything. Plus family members went through (combined) three surgeries and a colonoscopy which meant a LOT of mask time and extra care in 2020. I'm happy to see 2020 go and hopefully we will at some point have this pandemic knocked out of commission. Great blog!