Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Fighting the Common Enemy

     Our planet Earth is under relentless attack from an alien presence. It cares nothing for national borders, or gender, or race, or ethnicity, or station in life, or politics. It only wants to sicken and kill every human it can invade. So far across the globe it has killed 5.6 million and severely sickened 200 million more. It is a horrific way to die. Straining for every breath for long hours and days. Finally choking to death with a respirator tube inserted down your throat. Isolated behind plastic curtaining. Alone to face the abyss.

     It has singled out our country with a special viciousness, so far killing 673,000 of our relatives and friends and neighbors. In recent months it has even begun attacking and killing our children. Two thousand more Americans are dying every day.

     Our record of fighting this enemy has been one of the worst in the world, with seven times more Americans killed per capita than in the UK, for example, and ten times more per capita killed than in Germany.

     We have the weapons to fight this monster and eventually kill it. We know these weapons are effective. Wearing a mask in public, distancing, using sanitation. And above all, accepting the free and widely available miracle vaccines that can quickly build up tough antibodies within us.

     We’re being asked to mask up in public. We’re not being asked to wear handcuffs or straight jackets or gas masks. Only simple paper masks that allow easy breathing but prevent us and others from being invaded by the enemy. (At times I’ve forgotten I have mine on. To me, it's no hardship at all, especially considering the horrific alternative.)

     We’re being asked to accept one of the free widely available vaccines developed and tested by some of the brightest health soldiers among us. State-mandated vaccinations for children against killer diseases are nothing new, and for decades they have been highly effective in battling once-ruthless enemies like polio, flu, measles, chickenpox, hepatitis, smallpox, mumps, and pneumonia. Fortunately, we now have vaccines that can fight the current enemy just as all the other vaccines over the years have fought similar enemies and won.

     Over 181 million of us have gratefully accepted vaccinations. And as an obvious result, they are not the people being stricken by the enemy. Almost exclusively, the remaining Americans who are getting sick and dying every day are the unvaccinated.

     Please, for your sake and for the sake of family, friends, and neighbors, will you accept one of the proven and approved vaccines?

     Let’s fight and ultimately kill this new vicious enemy of America together. 


(Please pass this message on.)

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I received my 2 shots and received by booster shot yesterday. I have no side affects.