Monday, May 4, 2015


     I’ve been unable to post lately.  First, my nephew died suddenly and I had to drive 700 miles to New England to help my sister through her initial grief and the funeral process. 

     I was no sooner back home than I had a detached retina that required emergency surgery to save the eye.  Recovery has entailed looking straight down for fourteen days, which was only possible by renting a specially-designed chair that resembles a massage device or something from the Spanish Inquisition.  Sleeping required an accessory that kept my face horizontal throughout the nights and still allowed breathing space.  It was an ordeal, but of course well worth the discomfort.  I can now look up, but full recovery will require another month of light duty.  No stooping or bending or lawn mowing or chores.  Naomi has been an angel; I could not have made it without her.  

     Sight is returning gradually to the eye as an injected gas bubble slowly recedes and the vitreous fluid clears, so I’m wearing a black patch over the eye.  All I need now to complete the effect is a cutlass on my belt and a cursing parrot on my shoulder.

     I’ll resume posting each Monday soon.


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