Monday, June 22, 2015

Back blogging

     With several major distressing personal issues finally resolved, I’m happily picking up the thread of this blog again.

     Also been working on a new website, which will go live very soon.  Steve Groninga of Visual Reflections is the tech wizard handling the task, and quite admirably.  You’ll be able to continue reading this blog either here or on the new site.

     And, after having requested and received back all rights to my suspense trilogy (GUNS, DIAMONDBACK and KLLRS) from my traditional publisher, I’ve been busily redesigning covers, polishing up the texts yet one more time, and putting the books up on both Create Space as print versions and on Kindle as e-books.  Those of you who’ve tackled this process know it can be something of a challenge to accomplish well.

     And I’ll soon be adding a NEW novel titled DEATHSMAN to the suspense series in both print and e-book forms.

     I hope you’ll continue to check in here.


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