Monday, October 2, 2017

Obsolete words

I’m old enough now to have outlived a surprising number of words and phrases.  How many of these do you know?

Transportation:  Sunday drive, vent window, running board, rumble seat, continental kit, fender skirts, curb feelers, souped up, chopped and lowered, bored and stroked, rolled and pleated, four on the floor, whitewalls, recaps, fuzzy dice, service coupe, steam roller, steam shovel, drive-in movie, A&W Drive-in, Howard Johnson, meter maid, caboose

Attire:  homburg, bowler, spats, zoot suit, jodhpurs, galoshes, rubbers, penny loafers, suspenders, hat veil, pink stuff (hats, shirts, shoes, ties), monocle, bobby socks, girdle, corset, brassiere, hoop skirt, mink coat

Games:  marbles, Chinese checkers, tiddlywinks, carrom board, croquet, badminton, horseshoes, canasta, pogo stick, hula hoop

Miscellaneous:  double feature, crew cut, duck tail, delinquent, reform school, flower child, ice house, ice box, ice man, mechanical typewriter, electric typewriter, word processor, slide rule, pocket watch, doilies, jukebox, juke joint, soda fountain, a malt, glass milk bottle (with disposable paper cap), let’s rumble, dial tone, party line (my house was two rings), telegram, carbon copy, rewind, Kodak moment, flash bulb, Linotype machine, movie usher (my sister was one, with uniform and flashlight), black-and-white TV, penny candy, inkwell, blotter, shaving brush, blueprint, Bakelite

If you know them all, you’re at least as old as I am and statistically we’re supposed to be dead.  


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